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Alcoholic Love

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Withered (ClowxYuuko) [23 Nov 2010|10:58am]

[ mood | pensive ]

Title: Withered
Fandom: xxxHoLic/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles/CCSakura
Warning: REALLY angsty, slightly perverted and most definitely weird.
Clow made a wish that shattered the logic of the universe, but it also shattered what was most important for him. Prices must be paid for every wish made.

Excerpt: ..."A broken china doll can be mended easily" she said suddenly "All it takes is a little patience, glue, and all the pieces. However, a broken person is an entirely different matter"...

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Sweet and Heady. (CCS/HOLiC, Clow/Yuuko) [23 Sep 2010|11:22pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Title: Sweet and Heady.
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura/xxxHOLiC
Warnings: Nothing.
Contents: Drunk shennanigans, drunk - but consensual - sex. No plot whatsoever.
Characters/couples: Clow Reed/Yuuko Ichihara.
Summary: "Oh my," Clow muses. He tries to push his glasses up his nose and he has to do so twice before he manages. "Dearest, I do believe we're drunk."
Rating: NC17.
Notes: De-anoning from the CLAMP kinkmeme.

Sweet and Heady.

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[FIC] various titles [15 Aug 2010|02:03pm]

plaything of his memory. 3879 words. The one in which Clow is Cobb, Yuuko is Mal, and Watanuki is Ariadne. Spoilers for xxxHOLiC and Inception both; familiarity with both canons is necessary. Rated PG-13 for non-graphic violence and a moment of eyescream.

children make you want to start life over. 1385 words. An AU in which Soel and Larg are Clow and Yuuko's human children. Spans pre-canon to current. G.

Today's Answers. 863 words. The one in which Yuuko has a hangover and they lie in bed late. PG-13 for implied sex.

Steamed. 501 words. The one in which Clow let the bathwater get cold, and Yuuko is on the warpath. PG-13 for sexual themes and nudity.

What We Do Every Day. 448 words. The one in which Clow and Yuuko are ghosts who still enjoy teasing Watanuki. Post timeskip and a little weird. G.

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31_days ficlet [08 Aug 2010|10:46pm]

Title: Selfishness
Rating: G
Genre: Character study / angst / romance
Pairings: Clow/Yuuko
Words: 408
Summary: The more powerful you were, the more limits you had to deal with.
Notes: Written for 31_days with the prompt escape all that waiting and staying.

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Three fics! [25 Jul 2010|10:16pm]

I almost forgot about this. Here are my springkink fics for this last round:

Title: Make Believe
Rating: G
Genre: Romance / angst
Pairings: Clow/Yuuko
Words: 331
Summary: There was no need to remind each other of how fleeting their time was.
Notes: Written for springkink with the prompt Clow/Yuuko, hitsuzen - what you wish for won’t come true / live with that.

Title: First Meeting
Rating: G
Genre: Humour / romance
Pairings: Clow/Yuuko
Words: 593
Summary: Clow was perfectly aware of the exact second when the woman of his very literal dreams would come to sit by his side.
Notes: Written for springkink with the prompt Clow/Yuuko: first meetings - I can see a lot of life in you / I can see a lot of bright in you / and I think that dress looks nice on you.

Title: Possibilities
Rating: G
Genre: Romance / angst
Pairings: Clow/Yuuko
Words: 308
Summary: There must be a world where they can be fully happy, where they don't have such a heavy burden to bear.
Notes: Written for springkink with the prompt Clow/Yuuko: AUs of any sort - and each of the dreams, you and I were together

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[24 Jun 2010|12:15pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Title: Acquintances

Pairing(s): Clow/Yuuko.Sakura/Syaoran. Mild Kurogane/Fai hints. Mild Watanuki/Doumeki hints.
Other: Set in horitsuba Gauken Universe.
The Li twins, Syaoran and Syaoron, hear the rumor that the great archaeologist, Clow Reed, will visit Horitsuba soon. Rumor confirmed by their teachers, Fai and Kurogane, who also revealed that the school's headmistress, Yuuko Ichihara, does not seem happy with the prospect ... Where does the director know the living legend of archaeological research? And what are those bad intentions that she claims he has for them and their friends...?

Excerpt: ..."First of all, Clow-san sent a fax to President a few days ago"
"To Yuuko-sensei?" asked Himawari-chan, surprised.
"Yup…but I could only read so far as to 'Dearest Yuuko: I'm finally visiting Japan again'..."

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[fanfiction] red [16 Jun 2010|05:14pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I bring fanfiction! It's a pretty awesome collection. We all need some ClowxYuuko love. Enjoy!

Title: Better
Author: angels_archives 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine! CLAMP owns everyone.

Clow smiled and toasted her good health and long life.

Title: Sacred
Author: angels_archives 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine! CLAMP owns everyone.

"It was a coming together of hearts and souls. We did a very sacred act."

Title: Manhood
Author: angels_archives 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine! CLAMP owns everyone.

Clow had a dragon tattoed on his arm one day.

Title: Atonement
Author: angels_archives 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine! CLAMP owns everyone.

She cannot succeed in drinking herself to death but that doesn't mean she can't stop trying.

Title: Love Knows no Reason
Author: angels_archives 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine! CLAMP owns everyone.

It was his wish that shattered the world.

Title: Flirting
Author: angels_archives 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine! CLAMP owns everyone.

What a clever woman.

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Bringing fanfiction! [13 May 2010|03:29pm]

Title: Simple Pretenses
Genre: Gen
Word count: 1620
Prompts:  what-if-then / domesticity - Clow loved pretending they had an ordinary life

You just keep getting better at this, don't you?

Title: A Culinary Affair
Genre: Gen/Romance
Word count: 1609
Prompts: "I let you win" / letting go of control - She's always in charge

Having her around usually meant distractions would down his way.

Title: Trainer's Guide
Genre: Gen/Crack/AU
Word count: 439
Prompt:  the wrong story

When you invited me to visit a world from a fictional story, this was most certainly not what I had in mind.

Title: Sung in Silence
Genre: Angst
Word count: 406
Prompt:  je veux juste une dernière danse avant l'ombre et l'indifférence (I just want a last dance, before the shadows and the indifference)

Easier said than done was an old acquaintance of theirs.

Title: Bare Acquaintances
Genre: Gen
Word count: 1355
Prompt: "Don't waste your heart on me" -Dixie Chicks

It has been a while, Clow Reed.

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MOD ANNOUNCEMENT. [11 May 2010|11:32am]

Good day, alcoholiclovers!

As wonderful of a job as elihice  and rainmage  have done with the profile for this community, I think it might be a little outdated, given all the new information we got as TRC met its end. So, time for a bit of an overhaul-- and in that vein, I need you to tell me what you'd like to see in the new profile page. An in-depth section about their involvement with TRC events (and quite possibly a huge spoiler warning to go with it)? Links to the Mokona=Modoki translations? Shiny new graphics? All of them? All suggestions are welcome!

Also, since the community has been a little on the dead side for a while, I've been thinking we all need a small kick to get things going again. A few options are:

Under the cut for your viewing convenience.Collapse )

I also take suggestions for event names. My naming capabilities are more questionable than Yuuko's.

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Some pics [04 May 2010|06:06pm]


I had a pile of Clow n Yuuko art sitting on my DA account, so...I decided to share here. Enjoy!


Remember me

A moment

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And now for White Day~! ♥ [14 Mar 2010|09:38pm]

I come with fanart and fanfiction offerings!

Title: Alcoholic Love

Title: Not Just Yet
Genre: Gen
Word count: 1077
Prompt: pinning up your hair

Yuuko-chan, I presume?

Title: Room Service
Genre: Gen
Word count: 369
Prompt: I know what I'm doing

This wouldn't be happening if you hadn't tried fixing my divan by yourself.

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Sakura Rain (ClowxYuuko) [05 Mar 2010|08:46pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

So sorry! I'm new here, so I kinda...posted this in a way that shouldn't have been

Here's the fic. Hope ya like it:


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xxxHolic CD Drama overvoice!! [06 Mar 2010|12:34am]


^__^ I'd like to introduce it to you! I know we overvoiced it into Russian which most of you can't understand but anyway I want to share this cause I always loved to listen fandubs on Spanish or German even if I know that I understand nothing!

It was so hard to match emotions with Yuuko voice cause my voice is much better for Sakura or Mokonas but I tried at least XD


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Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - a Clow/Yuuko Fanmix [17 Feb 2010|11:55am]


( Songs and links under the cut! )

X-posted to [info]xxx_holic  and [info]alcoholiclove

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For you, my pretty little lady [17 Feb 2010|12:40am]

[ mood | artistic ]

For no doubts their first meeting was in dream World ^___^ I put all my heart into making this!

Hitsuzen Dream by *d1ra on deviantART

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In honor of Valentine's Day~! ♥ [14 Feb 2010|09:09pm]

I bring more fic!

Title: Creative Interpretation of Obscure Meanings
Genre: Gen/Romance
Word count: 1428
Prompt: "Words, like glasses, obscure everything which they do not make clear." - Joseph Joubert

This has to be the first time I see you frown while eating chocolate.

Title: Second First Times
Genre: Angst
Word count: 844
Prompt: This is a gift, it comes with a price/ Who is the lamb and who is the knife?/ Midas is king and he holds me so tight/ And turns me to gold in the sunlight
Warnings: Rated M for explicit mentions of sex;

There was but one thing standing between the two of them, and perhaps the only opponent the great Clow Reed could not overcome: himself.

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Bringing fanfiction! [09 Feb 2010|07:07pm]

Title: A Small Indulgence
Genre: Gen/Romance
Word count: 718
Prompt:  price/value of silence

It was only surprising for those who didn’t know her well, but the Dimensional Witch was a very much spoiled child.

Title: Prophecies (xxxHOLiC / Doctor Who crossover)
Word count: 1114
Genre: Gen

Your Sight must be failing you, Clow Reed.

Title: Trading Red
Genre: Gen
Word count: 201
Prompt: Christmas fic

Why is there mistletoe in here?

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[fic] Biting [05 Feb 2010|09:40am]

Biting. 708 words, PG for vague sexual references and drunkenness. The one in which Yuuko is more drunk than usual.

After the first glass, Yuuko abandoned her silk wrap carelessly upon the couch. By the third her shoes had been unlaced, and because they were Victorian, the type one needed boot hooks for, the unlacing had been time-consuming and giggly; Clow had stolen kisses, pressing them into the arch of her foot in payment for every time she squirmed.

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[fic] Visions of Sugarplums [25 Dec 2009|11:43pm]

I believe the phrase is "better late than never." That being said, enjoy some Christmas fic.

Title: Visions of Sugarplums
Length: 1248 words
Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Other: PG for sexual implications
Excerpt: She found him in the backyard, stringing garlands of popcorn onto a lovely pine tree and humming Christmas carols under his breath. He was wearing a beaten pair of yellow mittens and matching scarf that Cerberus had made for him last Christmas, and one of the brightest grins she had ever seen.

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More fanfiction! [03 Dec 2009|11:40am]

Title: Transience
Genre: Angst/Romance
Word count: 1141
Prompts: "You can never know if a person forgives you when you wrong them. Therefore it is existentially important to you. It is a question you are intensely concerned with. Neither can you know whether a person loves you. It’s something you just have to believe or hope." / "I'll be waiting for you if you still believe in love"

(Clow Reed was weak, oh so weak, and his wish was the one thing he could not control.)

Title: Rivulets
Genre: Angst
Word count: 347
Prompts: "Rain as seen from a windowpane made of glass" / "It's time to say goodbye to this casual everyday life"

(Have you ever watched the rain fall?)

Title: Five Worlds Kept Off The Records - And One That Wasn't
Genre: AU/Crack/Gen/Romance
Word count: 2341
Prompt: alternate universes

(You're not going to convince me, Reed.)

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